Maryam Meddin

CEO, The Soke

Maryam Meddin is founder & CEO of The Soke, a private clinic in London offering mental health care and wellbeing services alongside professional coaching. The Soke Foundation is a non-profit organisation that derives its income from The Soke, and is a key part of Maryam's mission to use business as a force for good. A portion of every client fee and a percentage of profits goes to The Soke Foundation, which provides grants to underfunded mental health programmes.

Prior to launching The Soke, Maryam worked in the branding and communications sector and was the founder and managing director of Clarus London, a branding and corporate communications consultancy. She has worked with brands ranging from Disney to the International Olympic Committee on their corporate communications. A law graduate, she also holds a Masters in Psychotherapy and, for two years, worked part-time in an NHS clinic providing psychotherapy to refugees.