Partnership is not an act of charity – it must show some form of positive return on investment (ROI). All the Fundraising Summit sponsorship and networking opportunities available have been designed with this as their core objective.

Whether it be your brand engaging with the future of the fundraising sector or with those currently leading the industry, alignment with high-quality content or any of the many other options available, your sponsorship at the Fundraising Summit is designed to bring maximum results.

A partner at the Fundraising conference can enjoy a wide range of benefits from a carefully selected sponsorship package, which can:

Raise brand awareness and create preference

Support ongoing sales campaigns

Create positive PR and raise awareness of the organisation as a whole

Build brand positioning through high profile sponsor imagery

Deliver your content directly to the sector across engaging formats

Create an internal emotional commitment to the brand

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Fundraising Summit is brought to you by Third Sector, the voice of the not-for-profit industry. Renowned for its independent and authoritative content, Third Sector has an unparalleled audience and reputation amongst the charitable organisations you are looking to do business with. This reach will be brought to bear as an integral part of your partnership activity.

All of our partnership activities are based on partnership. We will work together in collaboration to deliver your business objectives, whilst using our knowledge of the sector to position you at the heart of the industry.

For more specific details about partnership opportunities contact Katurah at [email protected]