Victoria Lyons

Head of Digital, Dementia UK

Victoria Lyons is a nurse whose career is distinguished by a profound dedication to digital transformation within healthcare. She is committed to enhancing digital progress to deliver patient care and solutions that are truly effective for end-users and staff alike.

Over her 18-year tenure at Dementia UK, Vic has held multiple roles, from developing the practice of the Admiral nurses and helping to develop content for the organisation’s early website, her responsibilities expanded to include the establishment of Admiral nurse services, always with an emphasis on delivering these services in a digitally agile and intelligent manner.

In recent years, Vic’s focus has shifted fully towards Digital and she currently works as the Head of Digital and Dementia at work. For the last few years she has been leveraging artificial intelligence to benefit Dementia UK and other charities. She founded the Charity AI WhatsApp Group last year, which offers a safe and convenient platform for charities to collaborate and share insights about AI. The group has grown rapidly and now boasts 144 members.

If you’re interested in the intersection of AI and charitable work, Vic invites you to join this vibrant community. Her pioneering efforts continue to inspire and facilitate significant advancements in digital healthcare.