Zoe Kabir

Head of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Macmillan

Zoe Kabir started as Head of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) at Macmillan Cancer Support in January 2024. In the role, Zoe is responsible for overseeing the development and delivery of Macmillan’s EDI Strategy, ensuring that inclusion is at the heart of everything the organisation does – from the support Macmillan provides and how it works with its network of over 10,000 healthcare professionals, to the way Macmillan raises money and the internal culture it nurtures.

Having joined Macmillan in 2011, Zoe has over 13 years of experience within the organisation and is particularly passionate about recognising and addressing health inequities, ensuring that everyone living with cancer receives the support they need. Before taking on their current role, Zoe worked as Head of Operational Support for five years, where they were responsible for the delivery and continuous improvement of Macmillan's direct support services, including its cancer information services, welfare rights support, grants, energy advice and work support.

Before joining Macmillan, Zoe held various roles in local government and the telecommunications sector, all within operational support functions.

Zoe has been with their wife for 25 years and has technically "married" her three times (commitment ceremony, civil partnership and marriage). They live in London with their dog Wicket and have a passion for all things space and science related.